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Scan checks for deposit electronically directly into your account remotely from your office or home without making a trip to the bank. Make deposits by running your checks through a desktop scanner which is hooked up to your computer through an Internet connection.

Benefits of Express Deposit
Convenient, easy to use
Make deposits anytime, day or night, from your desk or home
Efficient deposit processing
Saves you a significant amount of time
Multiple business locations can deposit into one account.

How to get set-up for Express Deposit

E-mail slbank@silverlakebank.com, call or stop by any Silver Lake Bank location to schedule a free demo or for information on our 30 Day Free Look Program.

Here is a list of commonly asked questions and answers.
Do I have to change or upgrade my computer system to utilize remote deposit?
You will need a newer PC running Windows 2000 or Window XP (XP preferred) with 512K RAM (1GB preferred) and a high speed internet connection. A small desktop scanner can be leased or purchased from us. If you prefer to purchase a scanner elsewhere, please ask us for more information. Express Deposit software will be installed on your PC by a Silver Lake Bank technician.
How long does it take to get set up?
We estimate one week. Silver Lake Bank will do an assessment of your business needs with your help. Then, we will install the software and scanner.
Will Silver Lake Bank provide training for my staff?
Absolutely! Silver Lake Bank staff will train your employees at your business at a time convenient for you. And, we are available for ongoing support and training as your staff needs change.
What is my daily cut-off time for sending Silver Lake Bank my deposit for same day deposit credit? When will the funds be available for my use?
You may make a deposit anytime, even nights, weekends, and holidays. For same day date of deposit credit, your deposit needs to be scanned, sent and received by Silver Lake Bank on business days by 6 pm Monday through Friday. In most cases, funds from checks drawn on banks within our Federal Reserve District will receive availability the next business day; checks drawn on banks outside our Federal Reserve District - two business days.
What do I do with the actual checks after I make the deposit?
You are responsible for secure storage and eventual destruction of all checks deposited. Silver Lake Bank personnel will work with you to develop procedures that are agreeable to both parties.
How do I know if I have deposited and scanned the checks?
The scanner will print text on the back of the check. A deposit log, located within the Express Deposit software allows you to view a summary of deposit information, including time of day deposit was received by Silver Lake Bank.
Q How do I deposit my cash?
A Cash still must be transported to the bank. Depending on the amount, you may be comfortable with handling your cash transactions less frequently.
What if my business has multiple locations? Will I need a separate checking account for each?
A Multiple locations can conveniently deposit remotely into the same checking account. A scanner will be needed at each location.
Have more questions? Contact a Branch Manager at any Silver Lake Bank location.