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Other Digital Services

E-Delivery of Statements and Notices

Efficiently manage and organize your digital records without the burden and expense of paper files. Sign up for E-Delivery through online banking and receive an email when statements and notices are available to view. We maintain 18 months of statements securely for your use.

Deposit Checks with Express Deposit

Scan checks for deposit electronically directly into your account remotely from your office or home by using a desktop scanner which is hooked up to your computer through an Internet connection.

  • Convenient, easy to use
  • Make deposits anytime, day or night, from your desk or home
  • Saves time
  • Multiple business locations can deposit into one account.

Send an emailcall, or visit a Silver Lake Bank branch near you to schedule a free demo or for information on our 30 Day Free Look Program.

Digital Wallet

Add your SLB debit or credit card to your digital wallet and you will eliminate the need to carry the physical card. A digital wallet stores the payment information securely using encryption. Your card numbers aren’t stored on your mobile device. Instead, a digital account number is created representing the card and shared with the merchant. This reduces the threat of your sensitive data being stored or compromised.

To get started, locate and open the digital wallet app on your mobile device and follow the instructions to add a new card. When using the digital wallet, you’ll confirm your identity with a PIN, fingerprint or facial scan.

To use, Simply hold your mobile device next to the participating merchant’s contactless reader that contains a symbol representing digital wallet payments.

Activate your phone as usual with fingerprint, facial recognition, or passcode if required.

To make an online purchase, you will be prompted to enter your touch ID or facial recognition to process the payment and approve the purchase.

If your card is lost or stolen, please contact us. You can also remove your card from your digital wallet. Or, deactivate your digital wallet by logging into your iCloud or Play Store account. Once you receive your replacement card, you can add your new card to your mobile wallet.

View Terms for Adding Your Silver Lake Bank Card to a Third Party Digital Wallet.

API with QuickBooks

You can link your accounts to your QuickBooks or Quicken software or download transactions and import into many other financial management apps using a .csv file through Silver Express Online Banking.

Lockbox Services

Route customers’ payments directly to a post office box maintained by us on your behalf. SLB will collect, image and deposit these funds to your account, on the same day we receive them. Access your file online to view details and update accounting records. Contact us for more information.

Click here to view our Internet Banking Acceptable Use Policy.